Over the last decade, Berlin has grown to be one of the greatest arts cities and the European epicentre of the international arts scene. Young as well as established artists from all over the world meet there, giving new impulses to the contemporary arts.

With more than 500 galleries, and more artists than anywhere else in Europe, or maybe even in the world, Berlin is also a centre of the arts market, and of all the players on the arts markets. This is impressively underlined by the rich museum landscape and by now three independent Berlin arts fairs (ArtForum, GalleryWeekend, ABC).

We counsel and represent you in and out of court, in particular in relation to:
  • Issues of copyright and copyright personality law,
  • Identification and enforcement of copyright (protection of name, contents, context and integrity),
  • Performance protection rights of the performing artist (performance artists),
  • Performance protecting rights of filmmakers (video arts),
  • Utilization of copyrights and performance protection rights (licensing law and consequential law).
And legal issues typically related to the arts market in following legal fields:
  • Commission right,
  • National and international purchasing rights,
  • Work contract law (“work for hire”),
  • Rental contract law,
  • Transport law,
  • Liability law (identification and handling of damages),
  • Customs law.

Our legal counsels have many years of professional experience on the arts market. Settling disputes out of court on an amicable basis is our special competence. With us, involving lawyers will not endanger your long-term cooperations.